Need a little fashion inspo? Look to your horoscope for stellar style.

By Samantha Peters
Updated April 18, 2018
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Getty Images/Real Simple

Our accessories not only tend to reflect our style and taste, but more than we realize about our personalities—and it may just have something to do with the stars. Whether you’re a Scorpio who’s drawn to an edgy hat or an Aries who could never own too many statement-making pieces of jewelry, let your individuality shine this season with these stunning picks inspired by your zodiac sign.

Forever 21

Forever 21 Clear Tote Bag

Both outgoing and a little offbeat, Aquariuses are not ones to follow the status quo. An unexpected piece like a clear tote bag will highlight your whimsical demeanor.

To buy: $20;

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitter Large Silky Square Scarf

Pisces are nurturers and dreamers who rarely tend to worry. Show off your carefree side with a silky scarf that’s just as light as your perpetual mood.

To buy: $18;

Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar Caritas Drop Earrings

If you're an Aries, you're passionate and a total trendsetter, so a pair of fiery, red statement earrings is right up your alley.

To buy: $36;


Antoinette Cuff

As a Taurus, your unique eye for beauty draws you to understated pieces. Opt for a delicate gold cuff that’s subtle yet mesmerizing (with an added bit of sparkle for good measure).

To buy: $32;

Free People

Free People Abbey Road Sunglasses

For better or for worse, Gemini are known not only for their chatty nature but ever-changing moods. Pay homage to your duality with a pair of two-toned frames.

To buy: $20;


Panacea Crystal Circle Double Chain Necklace

Those born under the sign of Cancer wear their hearts on their sleeves—a romantic color like rose gold is a natural fit. This double-chain necklace is perfect for those sentimental Crabs—after all, good things often come in pairs.

To buy: $28;

Lord & Taylor

Sam Edelman Ludlow Calf Hair Slingback Pumps

If you’re a Leo, bold pieces will add to your confident aura. A pair of leopard print kitten heels will satisfy that flair for the dramatic.

To buy: $130;

Kate Spade

Kate Spade Holland Hybrid Smartwatch

Virgos are brainy with a strong attention to detail, which is why they love pieces that are both elegant and functional—like this Kate Spade SmartWatch which can even take selfies.

To buy: $225;

Saks Fifth Avenue

9 Rose Parade Agenda

Libras, you prioritize peace and harmony, so you’re all about accessories that make your life easier. A chic floral planner will help stay organized (and look great while doing it).

To buy: $32;


Vince Camuto Bray Leather Crossbody Bag

While Scorpios are powerful and command attention, they typically prefer a no-frills lifestyle. That’s why edgy (yet low-maintenance) pieces, like this circular leather cross-body bag, are your go-tos. 

To buy: $148;


Namrata Joshipura Women’s Crystal Embellished Headband

As a Sagitarius, the phrase “too much” isn’t in your vocabulary. Your adventurous spirit inspires you to experiment with fresh, funky finds, like this soft embellished headband.

To buy: $50;


Recover Gemstone iPhone Case

Capricorns like structure and typically stick to tradition, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to mix things up every now and then. This sleek marble iPhone Case is just trendy enough without being over the top. 

To buy: $20;