Sephora coupons are hard to come by, but the site Retail Me Not has something special for you.

By Claudia Fisher
June 24, 2018
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Sephora has a wide array of beauty staples, and shopping on the company's site is one of my favorite pastimes. Sephora's site is more fun to me than the brick-and-mortar stores because you get more free samples with your purchases (is that a pro tip or am I just a sucker?). 

As any lover of makeup and beauty products knows, Sephora coupons and sales don't come around too often–the store offers promotions through its Beauty Insider network, but rarely do you walk into the store with a regular ol' coupon. Lucky for us, Sephora linked up with coupon website Retail Me Not (stylized as one word). For 24 hours only on Monday June 25, you can get $15 cash back on online purchases of $30 (before taxes) or more. If you manage to limit yourself to a $30 spend, that means you’re getting 50 percent back on what you buy.

So, how does the Sephora coupon work? Since Retail Me Not is a third party site, you can’t get the deal by going straight to the internet beauty aisles. First, you have to redeem the Sephora coupon here.

After you make your purchase on Sephora's site using the coupon, it takes 15-20 days for your cash back to be approved, so look out for an email from Retail Me Not then. Once the company accepts your Sephora coupon, your $15 cash back will be added to your wallet on Retail Me Not, which gets paid out through PayPal with the email address you used to create your account.

The deal is running through midnight CPT, which means you have until 1 am on June 26 if you're on the East Coast like me.

If your mind is reeling from all the possibilities of new makeup and skincare products you can own, let me anchor you with a suggestion: Get sunscreen if you don't have one you use daily. Besides the fact that it's now summer, you should be wearing broad-spectrum SPF every day unless you want your skin to show signs of premature aging. Just saying.