We didn't know it was possible for this childhood favorite to get any better. 

By Priyanka Aribindi
Updated June 06, 2017
Jessica Lewis/Getty Images

You may remember sporting temporary tattoos when you were young, but now they’ve come back in a big way for adults. From custom orders for bachelorette parties to metallic versions that mimic jewelry, temporary body art has turned into a permanent trend. And according to the latest report from Pinterest, the newest versions smell even better than they look.

Pinterest reports that searches for scented temporary tattoos have increased by 450 percent in the last year alone, with designs from Brooklyn-based company Tattly being among the most popular.

Tattly currently offers 12 scented tattoos in three sets, featuring flowers like hydrangea and peony, herbs like sage and thyme, and even candy-inspired designs that will remind you of edible jewelry. Each set includes four tattoos of the same custom scent, so you can mix and match without worrying about smells competing or overpowering one another.

Searches on Pinterest show various versions of the company’s designs being sported by men, women, and children of all ages with colors to flatter all skin tones. Among the most popular on the platform are picks from the Perennial set, which includes blue hydrangea, pink and purple peony, and rose la France. Designed in watercolor by artist Vincent Jeannerot, the tattoos feature a floral scent with notes of dewy fuchsia petals, pink poppies, ylang ylang, and poplar wood. They can be worn individually or paired together for a fun summertime look.

Printed with vegetable-based ink, the temporary art is non-toxic and safe for all ages to wear. Shoppers can purchase packs of two for $6 and sets of eight for $18 (tattly.com).