Let Rashida Jones be your introduction to French label Maison Kitsuné. 

By Claudia Fisher
Updated May 14, 2018

Thinking of Rashida Jones as Leslie Knope's BFF Ann Perkins will always bring a little pep to my step, but I know the actress is even cooler in real life than her character on "Parks and Recreation."

The 42-year-old actress exudes laid-back chicness–she's had the same bangs forever and they're somehow still cool. So, if the French clothing and music label Maison Kitsuné is saying she embodies the spirit of its new collection, Parisien, you know the line will have that same character.

On the brand's website, it explains, "The Parisian collection redefines the silhouette of a modern Parisian" and shows Jones in a loose-fit white oxford with the brand's tricolor fox emblem (kitsuné means fox in Japanese).

The collection was just released today and announced on the brand's Instagram account with two posts of the same photo of Jones. Maison Kitsuné captioned the first, "Rashida Jones is the first-ever ambassador of Maison Kitsuné Parisien. Strong, thoughtful, talented and witty, Rashida perfectly embodies the spirit of the « Parisien » collection." The second reads, "She perfectly embodies the spirit of our Parisian-inspired collection: The Maison Kitsuné woman never seems like she is trying too hard. She is confident with a casual attitude and subtle but undeniable charm, has good taste and a playful sense of humor..."

The rest of the collection continues to showcase this casual elegance, from playful t-shirts bearing "handwritten" words to a classic everyday wool cardigan. A behind-the-scenes video released by the brand brings the duality to life, with Jones first speaking a few French words and modeling the clothes over dreamy music, ending amusingly with her bluntly asking, "What the fox?"

Outside Jones' collection, the label triumphs subtle flair. The delicate detailing and careful pattern choices update everyday staples in unexpected ways while both straying from fleeting trends and remaining timeless.

The Parisien collection is geared toward both men and women, "offering a chic and laid-back wardrobe for the everday." To see the full line featuring Rashida Jones, check out Maison Katsuné's site here.