Kid swim design label Olivia + Ocean is launching a new line for moms and it is everything our poolside dreams are made of. 

Mom and little girl wearing Olivia + Ocean swimsuits
Credit: Olivia + Ocean

I realized the other day that my constant dreaming of summer is a great escape from the winter weather—but also a reminder that swimsuit season is coming. You know, that time of year when we all strip down to practically nothing then parade around the town pool, lake or beach in front of our neighbors, plumber, and mail carrier. Good times.

For moms, this can be especially fraught. Post baby (no matter how many years post baby), our bodies might be flatter in certain places and squishier in others. This is even true of my yoga instructor bestie who’s got the flattest stomach I’ve ever seen, but points to the loose skin covering her perfectly toned abs as a badge of honor for carrying her three kids. She’s proud of her body, but the fact is, it’s changed.

That’s why it’s so exciting that children’s swim designer Olivia + Ocean is launching a new swimsuit line, just for moms. No, not for your mom—for you. And me. And my yoga instructor bestie. Olivia + Ocean founder Danielle Estrada promises these suits—which debut February 19, so we’ll wait here while you go put that in your calendar—will be sexy, empowering, functional, and modern. Finally!

We don’t have to take her word for it, of course—here’s a sneak peak at the design. The suit features a super flattering adjustable wrap top, which makes the most of what you’ve got, and is also convenient if you need to whip out a boob to feed a baby (real talk). And then there's the completely invisible high-compression lycra panel in the tummy—thank goodness, because wearing your best sucks-it-all-in yoga pants when swimming might look a bit odd.

Because the company is small and family-owned, swimsuits are available for order via Kickstarter. All swimsuits are made to order, and the company promises to have them ready by the first day of summer.

See you at the pool!