These Edgeless Undies Are So Comfy,  I Forgot I Was Wearing Them

They’re also carbon-neutral and recycled.
By Christie Calucchia
February 10, 2021
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If you've spent any amount of time scrolling on Instagram, you've likely come across the underwear brand Parade. The brand's imagery is fun, bright, and inclusive, and its buttery soft panties have grown wildly popular in the short time the brand has been in existence. 

For those not yet familiar, here's what you need to know: Parade is a sustainable underwear brand that offers comfy pieces available in a wide range of sizes, all at affordable prices. Earlier this year, the brand dropped a line of carbon-neutral, recycled undies that are entirely edgeless. I tried them out for myself and nearly forgot I was wearing them at all.

Not only does Parade offer comfortable, eco-friendly underwear, but its website, like its Instagram profile, is simply refreshing. When you visit the site, you'll be greeted with un-airbrushed images of models of all different sizes and skin tones wearing the underwear, which is available in sizes XS to 3XL. There are stretch marks and dimples and freckles and tattoos, and while seeing realistic bodies model underwear shouldn't be groundbreaking in the year 2021, it still is. 

My enthusiasm may sound hyperbolic, but it's entirely true. After wearing my new tangerine orange thong from the Universal collection around my apartment for a few hours, I actually had to peek in my sweatpants to double check that I was still wearing them when a friend texted to ask what I thought of them. They're just that comfortable.


To buy: $8;

Like the rest of Parade's products, the Universal underwear comes in compostable packaging and is Oeko-Tex certified. That means it's free of harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for your skin and the environment. However, unlike its predecessors that are made of 85 percent recycled polyamide, the newest line of undies is made of 80 percent recycled nylon, as well as  20 percent elastane with a 100 percent organic cotton lining. Plus, they're carbon-neutral, a fancy way of saying Parade balances out its emissions through carbon offset.

Available in thong, hip hugger, brief, and high-rise boyshort styles, the undies are truly seamless, so you can wear them with confidence under anything. I even put mine to test under a tight pair of leggings, and there wasn't a panty line in sight. They're about as smooth as it gets, fitting like a second skin.

Head to Parade's site or keep scrolling to see what I mean, and grab a pair of silky soft panties while you're at it.