It’s all about the accessories.

By Rebecca Daly
February 27, 2017

While the red carpet at the Academy Awards never lets us down for sheer spectacle and breathtaking beauty, an ongoing parade of the best Hollywood has to offer—in the most over-the-top pieces designers have to offer—isn’t necessarily the easiest place to take inspiration for everyday life. Unless, of course, you can tear your eyes away from the gorgeous gowns and focus on the details (it’s the little things that count, right?).

From go-big-or-go-home earrings to serious statement necklaces, the accouterment at the 2017 Oscars were just as covetable as the couture, and while most people may be able to afford the 59.9 carats worth of diamonds that adorned Charlize Theron’s ears, we can all work a little bit of star-powered accessory inspiration into our real-life wardrobes (the same just can’t be said for a strapless sequin gown with a train).

Read on for a few of our top Oscars accessory picks, how to wear them IRL, and where to find similar pieces at much more reasonable prices.

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