As we prepare to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend, Real Simple editors share the best fashion tips they learned from their favorite women.

By Samantha Peters
Updated May 10, 2018
Mom and Daughter
Credit: Emma Innocenti/Getty Images

From important career knowledge and lessons in love to the little things in life like how to write a thank-you note, your mom has taught you (almost) everything you know. So it’s no surprise that she probably had an influence on your personal style, too. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our editors to dish on the best style advice they’ve ever received from their moms.

“It’s no surprise that my mom’s best style advice was actually related to beauty (I turned out to be a beauty editor after all!). She always taught me to take pride in my appearance and to care about how I was presenting myself to others—both of which start with investing in good skincare and knowing the power of a little lipstick and blush." –Heather Muir, Beauty Director

“I’ll always remember when my mom told me, ‘Never leave your house without putting something extra on or taking something off.’ It’s the one fashion rule I religiously follow.” — Flavia Nunez, Associate Fashion Editor

“As a rule of thumb, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. My mom has encouraged me to dress my best even when I’m not feeling great, because a good outfit is a great mood-lifter.” — Lauren Phillips, Assistant Editor

“My mom had an uncanny ability to dress up every outfit with a scarf—whether it was worn loosely around her neck, draped across her shoulders, or tied up on her head. She was also never seen without a pair of earrings on; even if they are small, they have the ability to effortlessly finish your look.” — Maya Kukes, Contributing Researcher

“Growing up, my mom was always worried that my clothes were too tight, so she’d make me take two different sizes into the dressing room—the one I thought would fit, and the one she thought would fit. It annoyed me then, but I got in the habit of trying two sizes in everything—whether it’s clothes, bathing suits, or shoes. I still do it to this day. It’s a good way to make sure I’m getting a perfect fit.” — Melanie Mannarino, Freelance Digital Editor

“My eminently practical mother always said, ‘Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes.’ And 11 years in New York City plus some experimental fashion choices (it’s a hazard of the job!) really put that mantra to the test—and proved her right. Even if I wear a four-inch heel, it’s one that I can walk comfortably in, and too-tight dresses or hemlines that require constant adjusting have no place in my closet.” — Rebecca Daly, Senior Fashion Editor

“Wear nice underwear every day. The context, I believe, was in case I ended up at the doctor’s office and needed to undress for an exam. However, it’s a valid style rule for every day. Putting on something pretty, even if you’re the only one who sees it, is a simple way to feel good!” — Heather Morgan Shott, Digital Director