Hint: It makes getting dressed much simpler. 

By Katie Holdefehr
May 14, 2018
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For some, getting dressed is a fun, creative decision that sets the tone for the day. For others, it's just another choice that makes getting out the door in the morning more difficult. To cut down on the time and energy getting ready takes, Melissa Coleman, the blogger behind The Faux Martha and author of the new cookbook The Minimalist Kitchen ($23; amazon.com), decided to adopt a minimalist wardrobe. What's that mean? Instead of piles of fast fashion finds that don't fit or will fall out of style, she sticks with basics she loves, buys multiples of favorite pieces, and dresses it all up with a few standby accessories. To find out what inspired her decision and learn which pieces have won a spot in her highly curated closet, we asked Melissa all about what it's really like to live with a minimalist wardrobe.

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