It’s even kind of made me a morning person.

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated December 30, 2019
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I may not have run a marathon or traveled like I thought I would, but the one thing I did do this year was get my scalp health under control. Before 2019, it wasn’t even on my radar.

To preface, I spent the beginning of the year growing out a completely shaved head that I’d buzzed in an attempt to get healthier hair once and for all. After months bouncing from salon to salon in a new city, I had all but ruined my tresses by overusing bleach and neglecting my hair’s integrity in the process. Because I take fresh starts very literally, I decided to begin the year letting my natural hair color grow in (which lasted a whopping five months). And although it was a journey, I’m happy to say I finally learned the importance of scalp health.

After buildup and dry shampoo residue started causing my head to itch and my hair to (seemingly) stop growing, I found this $8 scalp massaging brush on Amazon that now I can’t imagine living without. To say a small rubber brush with thick silicone bristles changed your life may sound like an exaggeration, but let me explain: I am not a morning person. I loathe waking up and getting ready. The time of day before noon is just not made for me, but I have found that the experience of using this massaging shampoo brush in the shower feels like a luxurious way to start my morning. Dare I say, it almost makes me look forward to my morning routine. While it’s not quite as good as the feeling of having your hair washed at a salon, it’s close enough for a Monday pick-me-up.

Aside from its self-care and relaxation purposes, the MaxSoft brush is designed to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and allows for a deeper clean and exfoliation. Using it during my cleansing routine has made a significant change in the overall feel of my hair. I can tell my scalp feels cleaner and my hair has more shine, which means it’s getting the most from my shampoos and conditioners.

But it’s not just me who swears by the brush’s magic. With 4.5 stars and over 2,900 reviewers giving it a perfect rating, Amazon shoppers rave about its ability to help everything from tangles to dermatitis and dandruff flaking.

One shopper calls it a “game changer,” and I would have to agree. My newfound attentiveness to the health and wellbeing of my scalp is one habit I’m definitely carrying into the year ahead, with the help of this little brush.


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