The options are endless. 

By Kelly Bryant
Updated February 08, 2016
Greg Delves

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

If, like us, Sephora is your Shangri-la, wait until you get a load of this news. The beauty retailer just launched an app that will allow you to try on over 3,000 of the lip colors they sell in-store and online. That's right, you've just met your favorite new time suck.

Sephora Virtual Artist teams up with your phone's camera to map your lip location and shape. Then, using a 3D Live view that actually moves with you like a mirror (this is serious stuff), you can virtually try on any brand or shadeSephora offers. So whether you're an Urban Decay loyalist who just wants to play with the brand's different hues or you've been curious to try Ardency Inn's amazing products, now you can swipe and see exactly how the color would look on you.

Not only is this a major win for us as consumers in terms of helping us pinpoint exactly which shades are worth exploring in-store or online, it's just a really fun way to play around with beauty.

You can download Sephora Virtual Artist on the Sephora to Go App on iTunes, but there's also a 2D multi-platform version (still fun but not as in your face) for mobile, tablet and desktop web at

While some might use this as an opportunity to streamline their future lipstick purchases, we have a feeling this is just going to make us want all of the shades. Seriously, every last one.