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stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Just as a crisp white T-shirt and comfortable black leggings remain timeless wardrobe staples, there are some beauty looks that simply will never go out of style—like a bold red lip and, of course, the cat eye.

While I consider myself to be a maximalist when it comes to the range of products I choose to tote around in my makeup bag, the staples I reach for daily lend themselves to more of a minimalist—but still bold—look. I’ve found that a few quick swipes of red lipstick create the illusion that I’ve spent more time on my makeup than hitting the snooze button, so it’s earned a permanent spot in my low-maintenance routine. The universally flattering cat eye, on the other hand, has a bit of a learning curve—but with the right product, it can be just as foolproof.

As a winged-liner aficionado, I’ve made my way through many tubes, pens, and gels over the years in pursuit of the perfect product, none of which have compared to the results I get with Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.

From the very first use, I noticed how the felt-like marker comfortably hugged and glided along my lash line in one swift, pigment-packed motion. I have sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, but the tip didn’t cause any tugging or pulling on my lids (like I’d often experienced in the past with even the most high-end eyeliners). And true to its name, the Stila liquid liner stayed put the entire day without transferring to my lids or wearing off. I was immediately hooked.

What makes Stila’s Stay All Day eyeliner the one product I trust to create my cat eye look is its expertly-designed applicator tip. After all, you can have the best formula in the world, but if it’s too hard to apply on your lids in a clean, straight line, it’s to the graveyard of subpar eyeliners it goes. Whether I’m trying to achieve a thin and subtle lash-hugging line on a makeup-free day or dramatic bold sweeps for a night out, the liner’s smooth, silky tip never lets me down. It’s sturdy enough that I can apply the right amount of pressure for the look I want without worrying about it bending or breaking.

Even on days when I end up with uneven lines by my own doing (read: shaky hands from too much coffee), the foolproof tip and buildable formula allow me to go back over lines without causing any patchiness—a rarity in the world of liquid liners. I’ve avoided plenty of Q-tip and Vaseline-filled nightmarish efforts to clean up bleeding eyeliner since I started using Stila’s fast-drying waterproof formula, and it’s safe to say I’ll never use another liner to achieve my sharp, crisp cat eye ever again.

Head to Amazon to snag this best-selling waterproof liquid liner from Stila, then study up on these tried-and-true tips to do your own winged eyeliner like a pro.

stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

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