Via Facebook, readers shared suggestions for ideal time-, money-, and sanity-saving beauty products.

By Real Simple
Updated January 25, 2011
Bill Phelps

• “Sunblock in a pill.” —posted by Allison

• “A magic eraser for the face that could rub out wrinkles.” —posted by Cheryl

• “A mask that painlessly peels off pimples when you remove it.” —posted by Diana

• “A body cream you could slather on at night and wake up 20 pounds lighter.” —posted by Barbara

• “A lotion wipe that you could take on a plane and use to easily apply cream to a toddler’s face.” —posted by Katy

• “Something that could update my psyche so that instead of looking at my 45-year-old self and thinking, Where did that middle-aged woman come from?, I’d think, I look nice.” —posted by Barb

• “A showerhead that sprays self-tanner on you.” —posted by Diane

• “The makeup application box from the movie The Fifth Element. The character who used it would place it over her eyes and—poof!—all her eye makeup was on.” —posted by Rachelle