Easy Tips for Making Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable

Simply host Haley Cairo helps you green your beauty routine.
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Even small changes can make a big impact when we're talking about saving the planet—and it can be as simple as tweaking your daily beauty routine. Simply host Haley Cairo has been looking for ways to make her beauty routine more sustainable—and found that it's much easier than you'd expect.

Haley opts for reusable tools, trading in one-use makeup wipes and swabs for reusable versions (that work with just water—no product required!). She also uses makeup brands, like Saie and Glow Recipe, that are committed to being carbon neutral, and work with Terracycle to make it easy to recycle and reuse the packaging for her beauty products.

Sustainable Beauty Products
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Makeup Remover Cloths

$13; amazon.com

These microfiber wipes do a fabulous job of removing makeup with just a little water—no product required. And you can easily wash and rewash to minimize waste. 

Sustainable Beauty Products
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Reusable Cotton Rounds

$14; amazon.com

These rewashable cotton rounds make quick work of eye makeup—and can take the place of up to 1,000 disposable rounds.

Sustainable Beauty Products
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Reusable Ear Cotton Swab Kit

$9; amazon.com

Skip the big box of cotton swabs. These silicone swabs can be reused and cleaned over and over again. (And you can label them by use, so you have certain ones to use for eyes or lips.)

Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush
Credit: sephora.com

Saie Glow Blush

$22; sephora.com

Saie is one of Haley's picks for sustainable beauty products, with carbon-neutral production and clean ingredients. This dewy cream blush creates a soft glow—and a little product goes a long way!

Saie Brow Butter Styling and Volumizing Eyebrow Gel
Credit: sephora.com

Saie Eyebrow Gel

$20; sephora.com

Natural ingredients like cacao seed and jojoba help keep your eyebrows groomed.

glow recipe watermelon mask
Credit: glowrecipe.com

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

$45; glowrecipe.com

One of Haley's favorite products from Glow Recipe, this mask works while you sleep to gently exfoliate, brighten, and soften skin with watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid.