With 40 shades to choose from, this is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 13, 2017
Red Sephora Lipstick
Credit: Sephora

As if we didn’t have enough products on our makeup wishlists, Sephora launched a new line of $8 lipsticks today called #Lipstories. With 40 brand-new colors and three finishes—matte, satin, and metallic for those who want a little extra sheen—this new collection has the perfect holiday lipstick for everyone.

The huge range of colors covers everything from classic reds, to a bold dark blue, to a matte lilac hue. Whether you prefer a sophisticated matte finish or want a little sparkle to dress up your holiday look, you’ll find plenty of both in the new line.

While the color and formulas are what we always appreciate in a Sephora collection, it’s the packaging that makes this line truly one-of-a-kind. The cap of each tube is printed with a different colorful image, from a beach scene on the “Love Love” color, to a dollar bill on the “Cash Money” green shade. The entire #Lovestories line was created to tell 10 different stories, including “Brunch Days” for lazy Sunday brunches and “Holidaze” to wear on cozy wintertime getaways. Pick the story that fits the vibe you’re looking for (maybe it’s “Lady Business” or “Hashtag Throwback”), then you can’t go wrong with any of the four shades within that grouping.

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Before you swipe on the fresh color, you’ll find another design surprise hidden inside: on the top of each lipstick, a word is imprinted right into the product, either #matte, #cream, or #metal. If it’s the little details that make a product gift-worthy, this $8 lipstick is the ultimate stocking stuffer.