Sephora's rewards points eventually expire. Find out how long you have to use them—and the best time to get the coolest stuff.

By Maya Kachroo-Levine
Updated March 20, 2019
Getty Images

When is the best time to cash in your Sephora Beauty Insider points? You don’t want to leave free rewards on the table, but sometimes it’s hard to capitalize on them because of limited availability. Fortunately, Sephora tells their Beauty Insiders exactly when to log on to use their rewards points on great beauty products.

The Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar is updated every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time (or 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time). This is the official word on the Sephora website, and it’s true (I’ve tested it numerous times). It’s also worth looking on the Rewards Bazaar toward the beginning of the month, because Sephora typically offers the most new rewards at the start of a new month.

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If you’re looking to finally spend the 1,000 points you’ve been sitting on, here’s a quick tip: Check Sephora’s featured Instagram stories. They have a Rewards Bazaar featured story, and often update it when the newest rewards drop. Most recently, they updated their Rewards Bazaar story in early March to say they now have Youth to the People superfood antioxidant cleanser and Laneige lip sleeping mask for 100 points (among other rewards).

A few times, I’ve found the reward I want and added it to my cart—only to notice that when I check out a few days later, my reward is out of stock. One of the simplest ways to guarantee your Rewards Bazaar find is in stock? Check out immediately after adding your reward to your cart. Here are the two Sephora Rewards Bazaar rules I always follow:

  1. I specifically look for the 750-point rewards, because they ship for free.
  2. I only check the Rewards Bazaar when I’m actually buying something at I prepare my cart (with whatever new products I need), and then wait for new Rewards Bazaar picks to drop. When I find a few I want, I check out immediately, so that my rewards ship with my purchases and are in stock.

And don’t forget that Sephora rewards points expire after 18 months. So cash in on those free rewards before your points are no longer valid.