Now you can take coloring inside the lines to the next level.

By Maddy Sims
Updated June 21, 2017
Sally Hansen Crayola
Credit: Coty, Inc.

Get ready to be hit by a wave of nostalgia with a new line of nail polish brought to you by Sally Hansen and Crayola. The collection, set to hit stores July 2017, includes 12 new shades of nail polish selling for just $5 per bottle.

The line lets you wear your favorite childhood Crayola hues, as the polishes are true to the actual crayon colors. The 12 shades are Carnation Pink, Cerulean, Dandelion, Denim, Granny Smith Apple, Purple Heart, Razzmatazz, Scarlet, Sunset Orange, Vivid Violet, White, and Wild Strawberry. (The Dandelion crayon was recently retired, so the nail polish is a way to hold onto the gorgeous color for a little longer.) As a bonus, each bottle comes with an adorable matching cap, complete with the signature Crayola squiggle.

This collab offers more than just cute design, though. Thanks to quick-drying technology, these polishes also mimic drawing with mess-proof crayons. The formula for each color is made with Sally Hansen’s famous Insta-Dri 3-in-1 technology, which means the polish will dry in just 60 seconds and you won’t need a base or top coat either. How easy is that?

This isn’t the first time Crayola has entered the beauty sphere, either. Clinique collaborated with the crayon company to launch Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balms, which are adorable Crayola-inspired lipsticks. With Clinique’s lipsticks and these Sally Hansen nail polishes in your beauty bag, you'll have a grown-up collection of Crayola crayons at your fingertips. Only this time around, you'll be able to stay inside the lines.