They’re simpler than you might think.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated July 17, 2017
This timeless red has been a bestseller for MAC since the ‘80s. (Talk about a classic.) Swipe it on for a pop of color that will give your look a vintage twist. If you’re worried about it fading throughout the day, try these tips to make your lipstick last all day. If you’re not a fan of matte lipstick, this shade also comes in an extra-shiny lipglass to add some sheen to your pout.To buy: $17;

So you may never grow to be 5’6” or be able to nail a high kick, but there is one thing the Rockettes have that the rest of can also have—their best beauty secrets!

You might be surprised to learn that the Rockettes actually do all of their own hair and makeup for performances and events, and there are a couple of products the women swear by to withstand hours of performing under bright lights.

The Rockettes may be known for their kickline, but their signature look—pearly whites and bright red lipstick to help them pop—is also fairly recognizable. If you're looking to copy that universally flattering hue, there are two shades the women of the Rockettes swear by: Russian Red ($17; and MAC Red ($17; Both colors are blue-based reds, which help to make teeth appear whiter and won’t wash out your skin tone.

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The second product the women rely on is Ardell false lashes ($5.49; and their DUO lash adhesive ($6; Even through 90 minutes of intense dancing under bright lights (read: intense sweat!), this glue holds up. If it works for the Rockettes, you know it will hold during those the real-life summer heat waves. Just make sure to apply correctly—the trick to getting lashes to stick is to let the glue get a little tacky before you put them on. Plus, this glue dries clear; if you do get a glob, it won’t show.