Dr. Brandt's Pore's No More makeup primer has a cult following for a reason–and Sephora is giving you 50% off.

By Stacey Leasca
Updated October 19, 2018
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Looking to improve your makeup game? Here’s a little secret: Start with your base–AKA makeup primer.

As any beauty blogger, makeup fanatic, and product fan will tell you, the only way to get the fresh face you’re looking for is to start with primer. And there’s perhaps no better on the market than Dr. Brandt’s Pore Refiner Primer in the Pores No More collection. Lucky for you, the coveted beauty product, normally sold for $45, is half off at Sephora right now ($23; sephora.com).

The tiny tube of magic uses tea tree oil to soothe and nourish a user’s face along with flaxseed extract to absorb excess oil to reduce shine. But, the primer's real secret are the microspheres inside, which contain mineral-rich powders that “immediately minimize the appearance of large pores.”

“I've tried different primers and after receiving a sample size from Sephora I was hooked,” one reviewer on Sephora's site wrote. “I apply it after my tinted sunblock, and that's about all I need except maybe mineral powder. It creates a smooth canvas and stays on all day. It's expensive but totally worth it.”

“The formula feels great on my skin and feels like it's soaking in, not just staying on the surface. I have issues with large pores, especially on my nose,” another reviewer added. “By the end of the day I can usually see them all as my makeup has worn on, but not with this primer. They're not ALL gone, but it's so much better compared to normal. I live in a very hot and humid place so something that can make my makeup stay on for most of the day is a winner with me!”

It's no secret that we've witnessed big results from Dr. Brandt's products before–like the Needles No More Eye Cream and the Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask–so it only makes sense we'd love using Dr. Brandt's primer, too, which feels like you're smoothing satin over your skin.

The primer works best when it's used in the morning after you've washed your face and applied moisturizer. You can reapply throughout the day by simply patting it on top of your makeup with an applicator. Seriously, this stuff isn’t known as the “holy grail” of primer and loved by more than 80,000 adoring Sephora fans for nothing.