Make over your makeup storage—from makeup brushes to skincare, nail polish, and more—with clever organizing tips from Cheryl Arzewski and Jordan Marks, cofounders of It’s Organized.

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Sidney Bensimon

1. Define the Space

If you like to store products out in the open, gather similar items into small containers so they don’t take over the entire dresser or vanity. Corral perfumes on a tray and cotton swabs in a jar. If a container overflows, it’s time for a quick purge.

2. Treat Brushes Right

Tossing cosmetic brushes into a bag can damage the bristles—not great, since they can be pricey to replace. Instead, store them upright in a small vase or jar filled with beads (to prevent them from tipping over). Simple and pretty.

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3. Keep Things Compact

Stash serums and polishes in a multitiered, rotating organizer for maximum storage with minimal footprint.

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Divide and Conquer

Storing products in drawers? Choose organizers that have slots for similar items. Use acrylic dividers or a small utensil tray if you have an extra handy.

Take It To Go

Reserve a spot for a makeup case you can easily grab when you’re packing for a trip. Rather than trying to remember which items are must-haves each time you travel, buy sample sizes or decant your faves into smaller containers so the pouch is ready to hit the road as soon as you are.