Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is known for starting the contour craze with his client Kim Kardashian. He proves that if you weren’t born with sculpted cheekbones, you can fake them. He teaches his techniques in his worldwide master classes and works with such celebrities as Chrissy Teigen and Kate Bosworth. Follow him on Instagram: @makeupbymario.

June 25, 2018
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Courtesy of Mario Dedivanovic


“These are easier to apply than a strip and look more natural. I alternate between two lengths for the best flutter.”

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“I love the soft, natural glow this peach blush gives to any skin tone. I’m also a fan of this brand’s bronzers.”

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“I carry this lotion on set with me. Because it is nonirritating, I can use it on everyone.”

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“These gummies help me get extra nutrients while also keeping my stress down while traveling.”

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“I’ve been using this mascara in my kit for 15 years. It’s my favorite for making lashes appear thicker without clumping.”

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“I like to dip these in eye-makeup remover to clean up little mistakes when using liquid eyeliner.”

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