While some nail art can look childish or overdone, marbleized nails look sophisticated and are surprisingly simple to DIY.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated August 07, 2017

Take inspiration from your countertops for this new nail art idea. A simple white, grey, and black palette keeps the look subdued and sophisticated.

Follow These Steps

  1. Apply a clear base coat and let dry before applying an opaque white polish like Floss Gloss Mrs. Tony Montana ($8, flossgloss.com). Since white paint shows every flaw, make sure to do thin layers to prevent bumps or globs of paint from forming.
  2. Grab a makeup sponge—the cheap, disposable ones from the drugstore work best—and tear off a tiny (smaller than your pinky nail) piece.
  3. Pour out a bit of light gray polish like Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Subnormal ($18, net-a-porter.com) onto a paper plate and gently dip the rough side of the torn sponge into the paint using tweezers.
  4. Using the tweezers to hold the sponge, apply the gray polish to a couple of random spots on each nail—no two nails should look exactly alike.
  5. While this is drying, pour a dime-size amount of pure black polish like Essie Nail Lacquer in Licorice ($9, essie.com) onto the paper plate.
  6. Dip a striping brush (or any fine-tipped makeup or art brush) lightly into the black paint so that it’s only on the tip and create tree-branch like lines (the shakier, the better!) across each nail. Make sure the lines start and end in different places on each nail. Some may have a couple while others only have one—make sure they vary.
  7. Once dry, seal everything in with a clear topcoat.