While some nail art can look childish or overdone, marbleized nails look sophisticated and are surprisingly simple to DIY.

Take inspiration from your countertops for this new nail art idea. A simple white, grey, and black palette keeps the look subdued and sophisticated.

Follow These Steps

  1. Apply a clear base coat and let dry before applying an opaque white polish like Floss Gloss Mrs. Tony Montana ($8, flossgloss.com). Since white paint shows every flaw, make sure to do thin layers to prevent bumps or globs of paint from forming.
  2. Grab a makeup sponge—the cheap, disposable ones from the drugstore work best—and tear off a tiny (smaller than your pinky nail) piece.
  3. Pour out a bit of light gray polish like Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Subnormal ($18, net-a-porter.com) onto a paper plate and gently dip the rough side of the torn sponge into the paint using tweezers.
  4. Using the tweezers to hold the sponge, apply the gray polish to a couple of random spots on each nail—no two nails should look exactly alike.
  5. While this is drying, pour a dime-size amount of pure black polish like Essie Nail Lacquer in Licorice ($9, essie.com) onto the paper plate.
  6. Dip a striping brush (or any fine-tipped makeup or art brush) lightly into the black paint so that it’s only on the tip and create tree-branch like lines (the shakier, the better!) across each nail. Make sure the lines start and end in different places on each nail. Some may have a couple while others only have one—make sure they vary.
  7. Once dry, seal everything in with a clear topcoat.

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