Makeup-Organizing Checklist

Quick steps to streamline your overstuffed makeup bag and find the beauty products you actually use.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
Photo: Charles Masters
  • Empty makeup bag.

    Dump contents on a flat colorsafe surface, such as a bathroom counter.

  • Toss old products.

    Discard any old, expired, or broken items. In general, mascara and liquid eyeliner expires after three to four months; eye and lip pencils, three to five years; lipstick and lip gloss, two to three years; and foundation, about two years.

  • Reasses your makeup stash.

    Keep only what you are really going to use.

  • Place products in organizing trays.

    Keep items together: all eye shadows, all lip liners, all blushes, and so on. Consider a pencil organizer to keep brushes upright and easy to access or a vanity tote if you'd like to move cosmetics from room to room.

  • Store lipsticks upright.

    Since you can see their names, you'll choose the one you want at a glance.

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