9 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Tricks to lean on when you're in a beauty jam. 

This article originally appeared on MIMI

I'm a type B person, and as a self-professed type B, I can be—in the nicest way possible—a little bit all over the place. I don't always have my keys. I'm usually rushing to get somewhere, hair streaming out of a quickly assembled hairstyle behind me. Sometimes (ok, a lot) I forget to bring the right makeup bag with me when I run out the door. I've tried to plan for this inevitability by stashing mini makeup bags in my office, apartment, and all of my various purses, but sometimes I still find myself scrambling with 10 minutes until a nice dinner with only a lipstick and a pair of tweezers. I've excitedly began to read articles about purported "Makeup Hacks" looking for salvation, only to notice that the hacks often require more work than just using makeup normally. Enough. Here's a list of hacks that I—a true Type B hot mess— lean on when I'm in a beauty jam.


Use Lipstick as Blush. 

Photo by  Craig Cutler

Did you know the ingredients in a lot of lipsticks are similar to what is found in cream blushes? Rub a dot or two of lipstick into the apples of your cheeks for a rosy glow on-the-go. I usually try to make sure the lipstick isn't too brown or too matte before I smear it on my cheeks. I recommend Nars Lipstick in Mayflower.


Use Loose Matte Powder as Dry Shampoo.

I will admit to doing this way too many times. When in a pinch, Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder works perfectly as a (very expensive) dry shampoo. Because I'm blonde, it's easier to disguise the white powder on my roots, but if you have darker hair, flip your head over and sprinkle powder on the underside of your roots for the same effect.


Use Vaseline or Lip Balm as a Highlighter or Brow Tamer. 

When you're skin is looking blah and your brows are all over the place, vaseline on your cheekbones can highlight your features and vaseline on your brows can tame any craziness.


Use Mascara as Eyeliner. 

Use a small brush to line your eyes with your mascara. If you don't have a small brush, you can even (very carefully!) use the tip of the mascara applicator and smudge the line afterwards for a smokey look. Just make sure to take the stuff off with a great makeup remover. I recommend Maybelline Big Eyes Rebel Black Mascara.


Use Hand Lotion to Tame Flyaways. 

This is easy and works perfectly in a pinch. Just make sure to only use a pea sized amount of lotion, lest you end up with that wet-greasy grunge hair look that was oh-so-popular in the 90's (unless that's what you're going for, of course).


Use Bronzer as Eye Shadow.

This is a great trick, especially in the summer. If your bronzer has any shimmer or highlighter in it, all the better. I love using Benefit Bronzer in Hula.


Use Concealer as Foundation. 

If you use liquid or light cream concealer, mix a drop with your face lotion for a quick foundation substitute. I you don't have lotion, liquid concealer can also be used as full coverage foundation. Smooth a thin layer over your skin and you're ready to go. I'm guilty of using Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to do this as recently as...yesterday.


Use Argan Oil or Hair Oil as a Moisturizer.

You know how they sell Argan oil products both made for your hair and made for your face? Well guess what, they're basically the same thing! If you're lost without a moisturizer, take that Argan oil you slather on your split ends and slather it on your face instead. I've used One n' Only Argan Oil and Shu Uemura Essence Absolue to perfect results.


When In Doubt, Sephora is Your Friend.

If you're really in a makeup crisis and you don't have any products on hand, you can always run into your nearestSephora or Duane Reade and do your makeup using tester products. Always use the disposable applicators and alcohol wipes provided to sanitize as best you can. Unless it's truly an emergency, it's wise to avoid eye products (especially liners and mascaras), but there is no shame in utilizing the vast resources that a mecca like Sephora has to offer. Trust me, you'll probably run into me next to the Dior primers.