Tricks to lean on when you're in a beauty jam. 

By Kathleen Braine
January 14, 2016

This article originally appeared on MIMI

I'm a type B person, and as a self-professed type B, I can be—in the nicest way possible—a little bit all over the place. I don't always have my keys. I'm usually rushing to get somewhere, hair streaming out of a quickly assembled hairstyle behind me. Sometimes (ok, a lot) I forget to bring the right makeup bag with me when I run out the door. I've tried to plan for this inevitability by stashing mini makeup bags in my office, apartment, and all of my various purses, but sometimes I still find myself scrambling with 10 minutes until a nice dinner with only a lipstick and a pair of tweezers. I've excitedly began to read articles about purported "Makeup Hacks" looking for salvation, only to notice that the hacks often require more work than just using makeup normally. Enough. Here's a list of hacks that I—a true Type B hot mess— lean on when I'm in a beauty jam.

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