6 Foundations With the Most Inclusive Shade Ranges

Can't find a foundation that perfectly matches your skin shade? Try these brands.

Listen, skin is complicated. Foundation creators have to solve an arduous equation of blue, red, or yellow undertones. So we wanted to pay homage to the companies that have figured out the widest range of shades, making their products available to as many people as possible.

Not only have they come up with tones for all, but their products are also genderless and encourage skin transparency when normalizing conditions like acne and eczema. The next time you're looking for your perfect shade, take note of these reliable brands that have inclusivity embedded in their DNA.

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Mented Cosmetics

mented cosmetics foundation

Mented Cosmetics co-founders KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson wanted to expand the nude dimension to fit all skin colors. "We created Mented Cosmetics because we believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty," the founders write on their website. "When it comes to beauty, no one deserves to be an afterthought." The brand's original nude lipsticks, blushes, and foundations are perfectly "pigMented" to match your individual skin tone.

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Fenty Beauty

fenty beauty foundation

We can't talk about inclusive beauty without including Rihanna. True, she has what Hollywood considers to be a conventionally ideal body type (which she maintains through eating a healthy diet and maintaining a regular exercise regimen). But she's included all body types in commercials for her Savage x Fenty line.

And when it comes to creating foundation, this singer-turned-entrepreneur has always prioritized a curation of colors for all complexions on the spectrum, including the darkest of darks that often can't find the right pairing.

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Pat McGrath

pat mcgrath foundation

Leave it to iconic makeup artist (and WOC) Pat McGrath to create one of the most luxe foundation formulas with the most inclusive shade range on the market. Her Sublime Perfect Foundation is comprised of 36 well-rounded shades that include just about every possible undertone (peach, pink, yellow, golden, red, olive, and neutral).

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morphe foundation

Morphe rose to fame when its Fluidity Full-Coverage Foundation launched in January 2019—and diversity was the reason why. The collection's astounding selection of 60 shades turned the heads of influencers and beauty lovers alike—and customers have since raved about finally being able to locate their ideal shade swatch.

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Il Makiage

il makiage foundation

While it might be easy to shop online for a lipstick or eyeshadow palette, foundation remains risky to buy virtually. Enter new tech-led beauty brand Il Makiage. You've probably seen their videos all over Instagram.

What's the hype? The brand's comprehensive PowerMatch algorithm is alleged to be able to track your perfect shade of its signature Woke Up Like This foundation, which comes in a whopping 50 shades.

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Orce Cosmetics

orce cosmetics foundation

Orce is not meant for darker skin tones, but we felt we had to include it based on the brand's forward-thinking philosophy. As an Asian woman with a naturally darker skin tone, founder Yu-Chen had trouble finding her shade as most Asian beauty brands only catered to some supposed ideal of lighter Asian skin tones.

After years of applying bleaching solutions to her skin in order to lighten it, she decided to create a brand that celebrates the colorful diversity within Asian culture. The brand's carefully curated shade range is made with overlooked Asian skin tones in mind—and won't look pasty or orange on your face.

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