Beauty Products Expiration Dates Checklist

You know your makeup and skin-care items won’t last forever, but for how long are they good?

Skin Care

  1. Check Antiaging and acne treatments:

    Three months to a year. Antioxidants are easily oxidized, so be on the lookout for any changes in color.

  2. Check Sunscreen:

    Check the package for an expiration date.

  3. Check Body lotion:

    Two to three years, particularly if it’s in a pump container.

Hair Care

  1. Check Shampoo:

    About three years.

  2. Check Conditioner:

    About three years.

  3. Check Hairstyling products:

    Three to five years. Most are alcohol-based, which helps preserve the formula.


  1. Check Mascara and liquid eyeliner:

    Three to four months. Make sure you’re diligent about replacing these items to prevent contamination and infections.

  2. Check Eye and lip pencils:

    Three to five years. Sharpen them before each use as a way to preserve them and keep them clean.

  3. Check Lipstick and lip gloss:

    Two to three years.

  4. Check Foundation:

    About two years. Most bottles are designed to last that long. And if you don’t use it, chances are you didn’t love it to begin with.

Bath and Shower Products

  1. Check Bar soap:

    Up to three years.

  2. Check Shower gel:

    About three years.

  3. Check Bath oil:

    One year.


  1. Check Perfume:

    About two years. To get more mileage out of a perfume, resist the temptation to display a pretty bottle on your vanity. Instead, stash it away in a cool, dark place.

  2. Check Nail polish:

    One year.

  3. Check Shaving cream:

    About two years.

  4. Check Deodorant:

    Up to two years.