This under-the-radar brand uses organic ingredients and cold-pressed oils, like coconut and calendula.
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Sky Organics Beeswax Citrus Lip Balms

Finding a good lip balm requires a lot of trial and error. We’ve all gone through lip balms that we used a couple of times, decided we didn’t like, and proceeded to throw into the abyss of the “things I never use” drawer. Oftentimes they aren’t moisturizing enough or they’re too sticky, have unpleasant smells, or don’t last long enough after application. A lot of lip balms are also made with potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and petroleum jelly (otherwise known as mineral oil). While many love Burt’s Bees because of its natural ingredients, maybe you’ve tried one or two of its balms and they haven’t worked out for you (same here!). But we found the best all-natural alternative to end your search for the perfect lip balm for good: the Sky Organics beeswax lip balms ($12;

The set of six organic lip balms are the fifth best-selling lip balms on Amazon (behind bigger brand names like Burt’s Bees, Aquaphor, and Blistex), beloved by over 1,200 shoppers who left them perfect five-star reviews. Each Sky Organics lip balm is made with super moisturizing and USDA-certified organic ingredients, including sunflower oil, beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, calendula and natural flavors. They’re petroleum, paraben, and gluten free, and come in yummy scents including vanilla, coconut, eucalyptus mint, cherry, citrus, and strawberry.

Shoppers who have sensitive skin, allergies, or chapped lips can’t help but rave about the quality of the Sky Organics balms. “I have bought at least five of these over the course of several years. I have a giant list of allergies including shea butter, or shea oil, argan oil, and it seems like every single chapstick on the market contains nut oils,” one shopper wrote. “It has been a blessing to not only have chapsticks that I can use, but have chapsticks that are superior and make me extremely happy.”

Sky Organics Lip Balms

To buy: $12;

One mom was impressed that the lip balms actually helped relieve a chapped area her son had above his lips from the cold and constant licking. “We used the strawberry [one] several times in one day and by the next day it was almost completely gone, barely any pink. I was trying everything to get it to go away,” she wrote.

And when it comes to comparing them to Burt’s Bees, some reviewers say that these balms just work better at relieving dry lips. “I read a lot of people switched to this brand from Burt’s Bees due to chapped lips and that’s the problem I was having. It seemed I applied chapstick ten times a day just for my lips to continue to chap,” another customer wrote. “I have been using this product for over a week and only have to apply three times a day. I’m happy I finally found something that actually hydrates my lips but is very light.”

Plus, first-time customers can clip a $2 off coupon, which means you’re getting six lip balms for $10—a total steal.