Here's the bottom line on products that promise a fuller pout.

By Sally Wadyka
Updated May 18, 2007
Lip gloss
Credit: Kate Sears

If you dream of a kisser like Angelina Jolie's, you may be tempted to try a plumping product. The newest plumpers are designed to be used nightly and, the makers claim, build collagen gradually, deep within the lips, to create permanent fullness. They contain ingredients such as peptides, retinols, and vitamin C, which stimulate collagen production. "There's good theoretical potential that these could, over time, build collagen," says David Bank, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York. "But will it be enough to make a true visual difference? That I'm not so sure of." Final word: The claims are most likely full of hot air, but the products will do you no harm.