Don’t trash your smashed lip color—give one of these broken lipstick hacks a try to salvage your favorite tube.

By Lisa Milbrand
Updated February 21, 2020

It always seems like your favorite (or most expensive) lipstick breaks in half long before you’ve reached the end of the tube—or even just after you’ve finally learned how to apply lipstick. But don’t toss that trashed lipstick! Instead, try one of these strategies to fix a broken lipstick so you can get the most out of every ounce of color.

Option 1: Heat it and freeze it

Use a lighter or the flame of a candle to carefully soften the lipstick a little where it broke, then mold the two ends back together. (If you want to fix broken lipstick without fire, you can use a blow dryer on the broken ends for a minute or two to help soften them.) Use a toothpick to help smooth the lipstick over the break, then stick the tube in the freezer for a few minutes to help it firm back up. The lipstick itself may not look picture perfect, but it’ll still look great on you.

Option 2: Smush the lipstick back into the tube

If you’re near the end of your lipstick tube anyway, there’s a simple option for how to fix broken lipstick. Simply push the entire broken tip back into the tube using a Q-tip, then use a lip brush to apply it from now on.

Option 3: Take your lipstick to go

Not sure what to do with broken lipstick that’s totally beyond repair? Put what’s left of the lip color into an empty lip gloss container, then blast it with a blow dryer to melt it a little so you can smooth it into place. Let the lipstick firm up in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes, then you’ll have lip color ready to go—and you won’t have to worry about a broken lipstick again.

Option 4: Invest in a lipstick mold

If you’re constantly having your lip color melt or break, a lipstick mold (which costs around $15 or $20) offers the best option for how to fix a broken lipstick to be good as new. Simply melt the color carefully (a bowl placed over steamy water will do the trick), then pour it into the mold and refrigerate or freeze until it’s firm. Load your new stick back into the tube carefully, and your lip color has a new lease on life.