It’s not an addiction, just an obsession.

By Rebecca Longshore
Updated March 31, 2017
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Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips
Real Simple’s former social media manager, Rebecca Longshore, has a real affinity for rose-scented products. There’s something about the sweet, but not overly fragrant scent that has her hooked—she says it provides a necessary sense of relaxation. But rose-scented beauty products often come with a high price tag. Not this one. This petite jar of lip balm hydrates and softly tints lips, all while giving off that blissful rosy smell. To buy: $2;
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I love scents. I am that woman who can walk down the hallways of our office and name the perfume every single woman is wearing. Maybe it’s that I spent a ridiculous amount of time at Sephora in high school smelling perfume, wishing that I could take them all home, or maybe it’s just that I associate memories with smells.

Although I know many perfumes, I don’t like them all. I actually despise a lot of them. When it comes to scents including candles, perfumes, body washes, even toners, I am very, very picky. The ones I like almost always have floral or herbal notes—lily, rosemary, lavender, gardenia, and rose, to be specific.

Rose is just so lovely. Every time I use a rose-scented product, it gives me a wonderful sense of relaxation, which is so essential to my busy, chaotic life. Unfortunately though, many rose products are so expensive. And while I would just love to spend all of my money on them, the smart woman inside of my head says that’s probably not a good idea. So, when I found this incredibly tiny tube of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips (for soft, pink lips), I fell in love. Not only is it less than $2, but it’s also perfectly portable and incredibly adorable—important.

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It fits anywhere, therefore it goes with me everywhere. I love the blissful rosy smell it gives off and the hint of pink tint. Plus, it provides the ample amount of moistness to my lips. The best part though? Just a dab does the job, so this tiny little jar of happiness lasts for more than a year. It’s the little things in life, right?