It's been two years since I've experienced a painful split lip. 

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Balm Dotcom

I've suffered from cracked lips for as long as I can remember. Not just dry cracked lips, but lips that crack so bad that my lip splits and bleeds. It's painful and, much to my dismay, there didn't seem to be anything I could do to keep it from happening. No matter what I was putting on my lips or how much water I was drinking, I'd still end up with those sore, dry lips.

This all changed two years ago when I discovered Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. It seemed like this skin salve saved my lips overnight. It has the same consistency of Vaseline, without the greasy feeling that the drugstore variety tends to leave behind. Even when it feels like the balm has absorbed into your lips, the supple feeling stays.

This tube of magic is not only for your lips—it also works as a skin salve. I’ve used it to soothe small burns and to save parched hands. And I haven't had cracked lips (not even once!) since I started using it.

Although my favorite is the original, Balm Dotcom comes in a few different flavors (with different tints). It’s also very easy to customize. If I feel like I want to wear color on my lips, I just layer my favorite lip color underneath for a glossy, more pigmented look.

Yes, one Balm Dotcom is $12—a definite step up from the normal $3 lip balm you can buy in the grocery store—but one tube has lasted me a year (a little goes a long way). And anyone who's ever suffered from painful cracked lips can agree that sweet relief is well worth the price tag.