Of course the blue lipstick trend looks good on edited Pinterest pictures but could you really pull it off in real life? We sat Real Simple editors in front of a table of blue lipstick and asked them to take the look for a test spin as we captured their thoughts on camera.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated April 11, 2017

There’s a blue lipstick trend popping up on Pinterest—it’s a little bit Avatar, a little bit something-only-Rihanna-could-wear—and because we love you, our readers, we had some brave Real Simple editors try it out. Can they pull it off? Can they even keep a straight face? To find out, we sat them down in pairs, with dozens of shades to choose from, and captured their thoughts on camera. Some chose pale, creamy sky blue “I feel like a smurf”; others swiped on a bright royal “my dog ate a box of crayons when I was younger and this is what she looked like.” One—and, honestly, only one—rocked a dark, goth-like navy. Several asked their partner to choose the color for them. But in the end, it came down to: Would they ever really wear it? Maybe “to a concert” or “if I were drunk, in the summer, maybe...” (Ouch). All of our testers agreed that you need a complete, Pinterest-model makeup look (preferably by a pro), including a heavy eyeliner and bold brows, to balance out the crazy blue lips. Another requirement? Apparently you have to strike a solemn, serious pose to make blue lips look cool—no smiling, no talking, no eating. Which means, for us, the verdict is: no thanks.

Give it a try: