I Hated Wearing Lipstick, but This 'Weightless' Lip Color Changed My Mind

It's the secret to perfecting a no-makeup makeup look.

I hate lipsticks. There, I said it. And I know it must be blasphemy for makeup lovers, but it's true. As is the case with most hatreds, my dislike for lipsticks was born from an early age after my mom told me how the ancient Greek made their lipsticks (hint: it involved crocodile excrements). Nine-year-old me never looked at a tube of lipstick the same way ever again, and it didn't help that lipsticks from the early '00s often had a strange-smelling, cold butter-like texture.

I couldn't help myself from wiping it off every time someone put it on me. Once, at a wedding where I served as flower girl, the makeup artist had to apply lipstick on me five times because I would erase it off immediately after she put it on. But of course, like other things that I hated when I was young (spicy foods, waiting at the DMV), I grew to eventually tolerate it. In fact, there's a lipstick so good, it might've converted me into a believer, and that's Kosas' Weightless Lip Color.

I'm not sure what magic goes into making this ridiculously hydrating lipstick, but one thing is for sure—I'm not the only one who approves of this all-natural product. Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars, Savior of Humanity, and all-around lovable celebrity, also selected it as one of her top picks for Verishop (alongside 26 other items). Calling it "such a great everyday color," Bell applauded it for being a great moisturizing lipstick.

And she's right. What made me begrudgingly respect Kosas' lipstick is its amazing moisturizing powers. As a person who suffers from perennially dry lips, wearing lipstick is often like painting over a piece of tree bark, but that's never the case with Kosas' Lip Color. Its ingredients, which include mango seed butter, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, rosehip seed oil, and jojoba oil, make it such a smooth lipstick that I won't even have to put on lip balm underneath.

Plus, as its name suggests, Kosas Weightless Lip Color glides on so effortlessly that you almost forget it's there, and its clean-beauty certifications completely removes any "crocodile excrement" worries. This lipstick has become my go-to for achieving a "no-makeup" makeup look, so much so that it's the only beauty product I'll put on for work-from-home Webex meetings.

You can find Kosas' Lip Color for just $28, and even better, it comes in 11 gorgeous shades, from a universally flattering bold red to a summer-ready pink. I never thought I would say this, but I have completely fallen for Kosas' Weightless Lip Color. These are strange times, indeed.

Weightless Lip Color Undone

To buy: $28; verishop.com or kosas.com.

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