Jennifer Garner is reminding us that less is more with her morning makeup routine.

By Anneke Knot
Updated August 24, 2018
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We all wonder how celebrities manage to look amazing no matter when the paparazzi catches them. We usually attribute their perfectly done makeup and hair to a full-time glam squad waiting on them hand and foot and fully prepared to fix their hair or makeup at the drop of a hat.

While that may be the reality for some, Jennifer Garner is much more relatable than that. Real Simple was able to sit down with her, and we learned how this natural beauty looks... well, so naturally beautiful.

And the good news is: Her morning beauty routine only involves three steps. You heard us right: three.

Garner's day starts out pretty standard. She begins with an early morning workout, a shower, and then comes her beauty routine.

"[I] put on sunscreen. I like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 100 because it’s not greasy and I reapply later. I put on a little concealer, though I wear less the older I get. I feel like makeup ages you. I put on a little blush."

That's it. Jennifer Garner's everyday makeup routine includes Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 100 ($9,, a little concealer, and a touch of blush for a naturally beautiful face.

If you would like to take it a step further, Garner adds that sometimes she "see pictures of myself and think, why didn’t anyone tell me to put on lipstick? So I wear a little lipstick."

For concealer, blush, and lipstick options, we recommend NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30,, BECCA Cosmetics Beach Lip and Blush Tint ($25,, and Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm ($19,

Thanks Jennifer Garner for reminding us that less is more.