And it’s come to the USA.

By Hannah Norling
Updated November 29, 2017
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Martin Martinsson

If you’re looking to dramatically improve your makeup routine without killing your budget, look no further. IsaDora, one of the leading makeup brands in Sweden, has made its way to the United States. Currently available only at, IsaDora offers an amazing array of classic products like highlighter, lipstick, and foundation. Revamp anyone?

What sets this makeup brand apart from the crowd is their incredible attention to detail. The Eye Color Wonder Bar Wonder Nudes color options range from sparkly to matte, making it the perfect palette for a day or night look. The shadow goes on silky—not flaky—so there’s no need for undereye clean-up afterward. Plus the double applicator brush has a sponge side which makes it easy to blend.

But my favorite is the highlighter. I'm a sucker for the stuff, and at $25, the Face Glow Prisma Wheel 50 Rainbow Highlights is a fraction of the price of other highlighter wheels and just as fun. IsaDora recommends swirling all the colors together for an iridescent glow, but I use the green and purple to bring out my cheekbones and eyes. Yes, it's an unexpected twist on the usual shades of pink, but it's flattering and not at all overwhelming.

Finally, IsaDora's mascara will make all eyelash types happy. The Stretch Lash Mascara has a twistable cap that shortens or lengthens the wand, making it easier to get into hard-to-reach corners and preventing clumpiness if you have shorter eyelashes. Their formula doesn’t feel heavy, and I applied a few coats for a fuller look.

IsaDora products are cruelty-free and great for sensitive skin, and really nail the natural, woke-up-like-this beauty trend. Sweden is known for its effortless, skin-conscious approach to beauty. Working with what you’ve got and really owning it is key. IsaDora helps make that look easy—and it will make you look great.