How to Fix Broken Blush

Extend the life of your favorite shade with these smart tips.

Broken blush
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We've all been there: You're digging into the bottom of your makeup bag, only to discover that your once-favorite eye shadow or blush is now cracked, crumbling, and making a total mess everywhere. But while your first instinct may be to throw it out, you might want to think twice before you toss it for good.

According to New York City makeup artist Annabelle LaGuardia, there's still hope because saving a broken blush compact is actually easier than you think.

Renew Broken Blush

"The most surefire way to salvage broken blush, or any pressed powder compact, is to take the back of a metal spoon and crumble up the blush pieces into a fine powder," says LaGuardia. "Then, add in some rubbing alcohol to fully saturate the powder; stir the mixture into a paste, and with the back of the silver spoon, mold the paste back into the shape of the compact pan. Let it dry overnight and by morning it will be good as new." Sounds simple enough, right?

Alternative Techniques

Fellow makeup artist Tomy Rivero adds that instead of pouring the rubbing alcohol onto the compact directly, another option is to use a spray bottle to apply it. This will keep the process a little tidier and ensure you don't over-apply the alcohol (five pumps or so will do, says Rivero). "The alcohol quickly evaporates and your blush will work just fine once it's completely dry."

Rivero also suggests crushing the blush down into a fine powder and applying it that way. "Put it in an empty container and use it as a loose powder" says Rivero. Consider buying a sifter container, which is inexpensive, easy to label, and perfect for distributing the blush in small amounts.

Rivero also adds that the powder can then be used on your eyelids or lips in addition to coloring your cheeks. When coloring lips, place the powder on first for a nice rosy shade before applying a hydrating lip product or a gloss of your choice for extra shine. Voila! Your blush is back in business and you've got a brand new lip shade.

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