How to Apply Magnetic Lashes Perfectly

Say "goodbye" to sticky glue and scary peeling.


You may have just gotten the hang of curling your eyelashes when along came the latest lash craze: magnetic lashes. As they swept the drugstores–and, more importantly, your Instagram feeds–you were probably left wondering exactly how to apply these magnetic lashes. The good news: While most false lashes require glue, a pair of tweezers, and a lot of patience, that's far from the case with magnetic lashes.

You may be thinking that false lashes are challenging enough; why make the process more complicated? True, applying false lashes is incredibly daunting. Adding glue to your eyelids? No, thank you. Can adding magnets make the process that much better? The truth is that a lot depends on your preference.

See below for a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply magnetic lashes and conquer your false lash fears. Fuller top eyelashes are only four easy steps away.

Tips for Application

Magnetic lashes are mess-free. And when it comes to cleaning fake lashes, these are pretty easy. That makes them more likely to be worn again. You simply have to get over the fear of putting magnets near your eyes.

The question remains: How do you get these things on? Magnetic lashes come with two rows for each eye. Each lash strip has two magnets–one on each side. One strip is meant for the top of the upper lashes, while the other is meant for the bottom of the same lashes (your bottom eyelashes are left bare unless you want to add mascara).

The key to a good application is connecting the magnets at the right spot on your lash line. Once you get them as close as possible to the base of your real lashes, the magnets will snap together, creating full, voluminous lashes.


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Apply mascara first

When applying regular false lashes, experts usually recommend saving mascara for last. When it comes to magnetic falsies, having some extra hold on the lashes is important. Coating the lashes in your favorite mascara beforehand adds some much-needed texture that will become necessary later on.

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Apply the top lash

As mentioned earlier, all magnetic lashes come with a top and bottom lash line. (The top and bottom pieces are designated in the box.) First, grab the top lash and place it along your lash line (as close as possible). Balance the lash there while you grab the lower lash with a pair of lash tweezers.

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Pop on the lower lash

With the top magnetic lash piece balanced in place on your upper lash line, align the lower lash underneath your top eyelashes, allowing the magnets to snap the two rows together. This will create a sandwich with your actual eyelashes in the middle of the two rows of magnetic lashes. Adjust a little with your fingers if the lashes feel out of place.

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Don't be afraid to try again

Applying false lashes for the first time is always going to be challenging. Here's hoping someday that changes, but for now, persistence is key.

All in all, magnetic lashes offer an alternative to the messier glued-on lashes but do come with their own unique obstacles. Try out a pair of magnetic lashes and see which you like best.

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