There's no magic cure-all for eliminating under-eye circles, however, with this concealer advice you can camouflage them and brighten your eyes.
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One of the questions that beauty editors get regularly is “how can I get rid of my dark circles?” And while there’s no magic cure-all to the concern that so many people face, there is concealer. But, before you go slathering on the nearest coverup formula, think again. The under-eye area is delicate and made of thin skin, causing any discoloration to show up more prominently, not to mention the skin there is dry, so choosing the right formula is crucial. That’s why a liquid one is often the best choice. That being said, the first step before you even smooth concealer on is to use a hydrating eye cream—it will act like a primer, help to keep your coverage in place without cracking midday and bonus: most formulas have brightening ingredients like Vitamin C that can help lessen the appearance of your dark circles if they’re caused by pigmentation (and not your bone structure or genetics—two culprits that should be addressed by a doctor). Some experts will recommend choosing a lighter shade concealer than the rest of your makeup, so if you really need to brighten, that can help.

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Another option: use a red or orange-based primer (or even a lipstick!) to counteract the blueish cast that often pokes through. Do so after your eye cream and dab that in before applying concealer over top. Application is key when applying all products in this area, so go gentle and be sure to tap—not rub. If you consider your makeup brush your best friend, go for it, but you might enjoy the more airbrushed finish that a damp sponge gives you instead. It will leave behind just the right amount of product to disguise darkness without making too much of a contrast between the color of the rest of your face and your under eyes. Finish by setting, or “baking” with a translucent powder. Buh-bye dark circles, hello fresh and fabulous!

Apply Concealer
Credit: Jerry Leu

1 Apply

Choose a liquid concealer with a doe-foot applicator that’s a shade lighter than your base. If you’re in the market for a new one, Revlon PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer ($10; works well. Under each eye, draw dots that form an inverted triangle with its point ending midway down your cheek. A light hand prevents cakiness.

Blend Concealer
Credit: Jerry Leu

2 Blend

For a seamless blending technique, opt for a damp sponge to ensure the product doesn’t get soaked up. Makeup artists swear by Beautyblender ($20; Using a bouncing motion, dab it over each triangle. Stop when you can no longer tell where the concealer starts or stops. Hi, bright eyes!

Set Concealer
Credit: Jerry Leu

3 Set

Set it and forget it. Make your concealer last all day and prevent it from settling into lines by setting it with a translucent powder, like Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow ($39; Instead of dusting it on, use a brush or sponge to press it into the skin to prevent streaking.