6 Beauty Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Simplify your beauty routine—and get back more time in the morning—with a little help from these innovative gadgets.


e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil


Whether you tend to over- or under-pluck, these plastic stencils ensure you ace the shape every time. Choose from one of the four brow shapes, then place your pick over your brow hair. Fill in any sparse areas with a pencil and remove any stray hairs with a pair of tweezers.

To buy: $1, elfcosmetics.com.

Photo by elfcosmetics.com

Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator


This electric sponge provides an airbrushed finish without the mess or hassle of bulky machines. The battery-powered makeup applicator pulsates 15,000 times a minute to quickly and evenly distribute liquids and powders smoothly onto skin. It works with any base (liquid foundation, BB and CC creams, loose and pressed powder) and the sponges are disposable, so you can swap in a new one every few weeks. Simply apply your base to the sponge, turn it on, and glide across skin.

To buy: $54, ulta.com.

Photo by ulta.com

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat


Are you cleaning your makeup brushes once a week? Neither were we until we found this cleansing gem. The mat, which suctions to the bottom of your sink, has seven different textures for an ultra deep clean. Start by getting the mat and your brushes wet, then add your facial or brush cleanser to the “wash” texture. Depending on the brush (eye or face), use the correct side and swirl each brush across each of the textures—making sure to rinse in between. Continue each step until the bristles are gunk-free, then reshape with your fingers and lay brushes out to dry.

To buy: $25, nordstrom.com.

Photo by nordstrom.com


Giraffe Razor Extension Handle


Whether you struggle with joint pain or you’re just feeling lazy, snap on this razor extender for an easier shave. The universal head attaches to most razors and adds up to 20 inches of length to the handle—virtually eliminating the need to bend over while shaving your legs.

To buy: $30, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

Liner.designer by Beautyblender


Perfect the cat-eye every time with this eyeliner stencil. Depending on the look you’re going for, choose which side you want to use (straight, round, or curved) and place it at an angle at the outer corner of your eye, pointing downwards. The silicone stencil will lightly adhere to your skin to keep your hands free for application. You can also hold it behind your eyelashes when applying mascara to protect your lids from black smudges.

To buy: $16, sephora.com.

Photo by sephora.com

Tweezerman SPA Folding Lashcomb


Instead of applying layers of mascara for perfectly coated and separated lashes, try using a comb. Just as you would brush through your hair to distribute product and help strands lay better, using a lash comb after mascara application helps to break up clumps and separate lashes. The metal bristles fold down so it won't snag other items in your makeup bag.

To buy: $12, drugstore.com.

Photo by drugstore.com