How to Look Less Hungover, According to a Makeup Artist

Less is more when it comes to looking less hungover after a late night.

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So you over-indulged a little—er, a lot—last night (wine, cheese, and dancing, oh my). Hey, you deserve it! And if you're paying for it this morning, we've got just the help you need to look fresh-faced. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg is sharing her tricks on how to look pulled together—fast. You'll look less hungover in no time after a morning of self-care and some clever makeup application. Here's how.

Soothe the Skin

Keep a hydrating face mask in your shower for those mornings when you and your skin need a jolt. Jamie says to look for masks that include ingredients like green tea, aloe, and hyaluronic acid to help soothe and plump sleepy skin. Apply the mask right before you get in the shower, and let it sit for 10 or 15 minutes before you remove it.

Extra credit: If you can stand it, do a cool water rinse before you hop out—it'll decrease puffiness and make your hair look a little shinier.

De-Puff the Eyes

Steep two green tea bags in hot water. Let them cool, then apply onto the eye area for a few minutes. The caffeine in the bags helps to stimulate blood flow to flatten puffiness, while the antioxidants help to calm down inflammation. Fortunately, this trick will make you look like you slept for a lot longer than you did. While you're spa-ing out, sip on something with electrolytes to help hydrate your body so you look and feel better.

Bonus: If you have any mascara that's tinted blue, now is the time to use it (after you finish your self-care, of course). Jamie says that the blue tones will help brighten the whites of your eyes.

Moisturize Your Face

Although you might feel the need to slather on every product in your bathroom to perk up your look, remember: Less is more. Rub on tinted moisturizer (look for a formula with light diffusers to brighten dull skin), and dab concealer onto any problem spots (dark circles, redness around the nose, etc.) Resist the urge to use a heavier foundation or powder when you're feeling hungover.

Brighten the Lips

Don't be afraid to swipe on a bold, lightweight lipstick. Doing so will keep the focus on your lips (not your tired eyes) and add a pop of color. Jamie's go-to red lipstick is a creamy cherry color that flatters most skin tones. She also suggests finding a lip gloss that goes on clear but contains tiny blue pigments that counteract dullness, so your smile looks whiter.

Bonus Tip

Pack a travel-size face mist in your bag and keep it beside your computer. When you're feeling super tired, hold it an arm's length away from your skin and spritz. It'll moisturize your complexion, but more importantly, serve as a mini mental break, so you can power through your day.

Now, throw your hair in a messy top knot and grab your shades—your secret's safe with us.

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