Spritzed a little too much of your favorite scent? Here's how to dial it down a notch. 

By Nora Horvath
Updated May 23, 2018
AnthiaCumming/Getty Images

Wash the area you applied the perfume to with hand soap and warm water, says Erika Shumate, cofounder and CEO of Pinrose, a fragrance company based in San Francisco. That should remove top notes that are most likely causing the overwhelming smell. “Since perfumes are alcohol and oil, just rinsing with water is not going to work, because water and oil don’t mix,” she says. If the scent is clinging to your clothes, a quick walk outside will help air you out. Next time, spritz before you get dressed, adding a finishing pump afterward if needed. One or two spritzes should be enough for eau de parfum, two or three for eau de toilette.