From face powder and hair mist to temporary tattoos, yummy fragrances are popping up in unexpected places. Time to delight your senses.

By Heather Muir Maffei
Updated June 21, 2019
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Ted + Chelsea Cavanaugh

Psst: fragrance has never been so much fun. Companies are thinking outside the traditional perfume bottle and infusing scents into different products in unique forms, including oils, powders, and creams, for you to wear from head to toe. So don’t worry if you’ve never found your signature scent. These products all serve a purpose—soften skin, gloss up hair, freshen feet—and smell amazing while doing so.


The creator’s goal was to design a fragrance that could be seen. Drumroll, please! Meet Amkiri, temporary body art (in charcoal and ivory) scented with ginger, spearmint, and cedarwood. Draw on your skin (stencils included) and enjoy the scent for 12 hours.

To buy: $60;


When you want to shower but can’t, grab the purse-size Secret Body Cleansing Wipes, which whisk away odor-causing sweat so you can freshen up fast.

To buy: $5 for 15;


Do your legs look like they’ve spent the past few months hibernating in tights? Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil adds a sexy golden sheen in seconds. Its amber-and-sandalwood scent was inspired by white-sand beaches.

To buy: $100;


Finish off your makeup with a light dusting of Tutti Frutti It’s Bananas Brightening Setting Powder. The yellow tones counteract dark undereye circles and neutralize redness. Plus, it’s like scratch-and-sniff makeup—it smells like banana pudding.

To buy: $30;


Solid perfumes are ideal for on-the-go. Jo Malone London The Delightful Pair Solid Perfume Duo (in Nectarine Blossom & Honey and Peony & Blush Suede) offers two solids you can wear alone or mix to customize.

To buy: $76;


The grapeseed oil, watermelon fruit extract, and shea butter in Nest Fragrances Ocean Mist & Coconut Water Hand Cream leave hands supple, not sticky. The scent of coconut, cedarwood, and tiare will pair nicely with whatever else you’ve got on.

To buy: $18;


With chic packaging and a sophisticated scent (rose, mandarin, and violet essential oils), Corpus Natural Deodorant turns the act of applying into a pampering experience.

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The new breath mint: Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment turns flaky lips into butter and gives you that post-brush feeling. Swipe on and press lips together to release the cooling capsules.

To buy: $24;


The Diptyque Raw Materials In Color collection celebrates the brand’s five best-selling scents in TSA-friendly bottles; this one, Do Son, comes in a turquoise-tinted bottle to represent its aquatic fragrance.

To buy: $65; (coming soon).


Detectable only when someone gets close for a hug, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Hair Mist contains warm jasmine, saffron, and amber. Focus the alcohol-free formula on ends and flyaways to add sheen.

To buy: $85;


The next best thing to washing all your kicks, Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray has a 360-degree nozzle you can point directly into your shoes (especially those you work out in or wear in the summer) to nix the stench with baking soda. It also works wonders on sweaty hats.

To buy: $6;


Of all the fragrances tested, Lake & Skye 11 11 got us the most compliments. The unisex scent mimics the smell of skin after a dip in the ocean.

To buy: $48;


Spritz St. Ives Yaaas Face Mist Grapefruit onto skin before makeup to prime, after makeup to set, or throughout the day to rejuvenate (ahhh). Hydrators keep skin dewy and glowing while the formula’s zesty grapefruit scent serves as the perfect 3 p.m. pick-me-up. Store in the fridge for extra refreshment.

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Notes of coastal rain and eucalyptus in DS&Durga Big Sur After Rain Auto Fragrance add a just-right freshness to any stale space (car, closet, drawers).

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