The beauty and skincare company is launching a solid version of its popular perfume this week.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated February 07, 2018
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glossier solid perfume

Exciting news if you love Glossier's You fragrance: a solid, easy-to-tote version ($22; of it launches this week. The new solid includes the same notes as its liquid counterpart—musk, iris, and pink pepper to name a few—but in a compact form that you can easily tuck away in your bag. The pebble-like, pink metal oval that it comes in is weighted and fits perfectly in your fingers. The top has an imprint that mimics your thumb, making it super easy (and addictive) to swivel it open again and again.

Simply rub your finger into the formula then smooth it onto skin—wrists, neck, decolletage—and watch it melt right in. Keep it in your purse and apply it on-the-go, or simply think of it as your new fidget spinner. And if you haven't tried the You fragrance but want to, the new solid is a perfect way to get a taste before splurging for the full bottle since it comes in at almost a third of the price.