Real Simple editors share the perfumes they love, from floral to fruity (and everything in between), to help you choose a new favorite scent.

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Perfume is a magical thing. The right scent can boost your mood, elevate an outfit, and even remind you of happy memories. Sometimes finding the perfect perfume seems impossible, but with research and the right recommendations, it’s so much easier. Keep reading for lovely scents to check out ASAP.


I'm obsessed with rose-scented perfumes and scents. So, when I came across this Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose I fell in love. I feel so luxurious every time I spray it on. It instantly makes me feel refreshed and beautiful. Plus, I can't tell you how many times a day someone compliments the way I smell. — Rebecca Longshore, Social Media Manager

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As a beauty editor, I’ve smelled a gazillion scents but this one has me hooked. For those who aren’t big fans of fruity or floral fragrances (me!), consider the cozy, comforting scent of Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace. It’s unisex and has yummy notes, including pink pepper, clove oil, and vanilla. I love it because it’s sexy but not super girly (thanks to smoky woods’ notes and grilled chesnuts) and takes me back to good times in Pennsylvania roasting marshmallows around the fire with my best friends.— Heather Muir Maffei, Beauty Director

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It’s floral, but delicate and doesn’t have that old lady scent that some classic perfumes have. I love it. — Zoe Barton, Associate Director of Audience Development for Lifestyle

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I know it’s not exactly unique or niche or boutique, but I just love the way it smells, and I’ve worn it for so long now that it brings back happy memories from high school and college. It smells so light and refreshing, and—especially when it’s cold, which is always in New York—it reminds me of summer and sunshine. I also love the colors of the bottle, so looking at the bottle on my dresser every morning also brings me a little burst of joy every day. — Lauren Phillips, Assistant Editor

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Mine is Burberry Brit— it’s not too sweet or floral— a little more vanilla and musky. I wear just a spritz every day. My mom wears the same scent, so every time I give myself a spritz, it reminds me of her! — Stephanie Sisco, Home Editor

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True, this perfume is a splurge, but it’s one I don’t regret at all. My bottle has lasted for a year—I spritz it on for special occasions and those days when I need an extra boost—and the scent always makes me happy. It’s very balanced, a hint of floral a little spice, so I don’t have to worry about being that person everyone can smell a mile away. Plus, the bottle is so pretty it dresses up my make-up table. — Heather Morgan Shott, Digital Director

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Grasse, France, where all the top perfumes are made (it's where all the “noses,” the name for people who smell and blend perfumes live). This one I got at the brand's headquarters, so it reminds me of a great trip, and is the perfect mix of fruit and flowers, without being overly sweet smelling. And I love the sandalwood base note. — Elizabeth Sile, Senior Editor, Features

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I’m not into ultra-potent perfumes, so this beachy mist is my favorite for a light, yet delicious smell that isn’t going to make the person sitting next to you on the train plug their nose. The nutty pistachio and caramel smell makes me feel like it’s summer year round. — Tamara Kraus, Assistant Home Editor

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I never thought a perfume with a prominent citrus note would’ve ended up being my signature, but with the combination of sandalwood and freesia the blood orange is super refreshing. There’s something enchanting about how it smells. — Hannah Norling, Associate Producer

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I love the Peony & Blush Suede Cologne from Jo Malone. It smells like fresh cut flowers! — Rebecca Hart, Art Director

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