6 Products for Better Eyelashes

Get bigger, more beautiful lashes in the blink of an eye with these boosters.




Lashfood Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer
This primer goes on lashes before mascara to coat them with a nourishing veil that helps protect against dryness and breakage. A vitamin and peptide blend makes lashes longer, thicker, and stronger, while also extending the life of your mascara.

To buy: $20, sephora.com.

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Bulk Up


Lancôme CILS Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base
If you’re looking for an instant boost, try a fiber-filled base. This formula contains microscopic hairs that latch onto your lashes to pump up length and volume in seconds. Swipe it on (it’s white, so you’ll see where the fibers are), and then layer on mascara while the base is still wet to cover the white and build lush lashes.

To buy: $25.50, sephora.com.

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Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara
Customize your look with this three-in-one mascara wand. Choose your setting—volume, length, or curl—then swipe away. Apply all three for a dramatic finish or use just one for a more natural effect.

To buy: $8, walmart.com.

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Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer
Sometimes even the best mascara leaves a trail of clumps. Taking the extra ten seconds to comb through lashes after application will break up any buildup, so lashes look smooth.

To buy: $5, drugstore.com.

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Japonesque Heated Mini Lash Curler
This battery-powered wand looks like a mascara brush, but heats up to define and lift lashes. Simply let it warm up for 15 seconds, and then place the wand at the base of your lashes and slowly comb to the tips to lock in curl.

To buy: $16, ulta.com.

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RevitaLash Advanced
Like a serum that targets skin concerns, this lash conditioner uses a concentrated formula of plant ingredients, peptides, and synthetic ingredients to stimulate lash growth and volume over time. Apply one swipe along the base of clean lashes before bed.

To buy: $98, revitalash.com.

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