How to Get Gorgeous Ombre Eyes

One tweak to your eye-shadow placement will make your
 whole face light up. Follow
 these three easy steps.


Throw Shade.

Photo by Molly Cranna

Unlike a traditional smoky eye (lighter shade on the lid, darker in the crease), this two-tone technique puts lighter shadow on the inner half of the lid and crease and darker on the outer (lightening inner corners makes eyes pop). Using a chocolate shadow―try L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Eyeshadow in Quartz Fume ($6;―blend from the outer 
corner of your eye toward the center, stopping where colors meet.


Wave a Magic Wand.

Since there’s no eyeliner involved (woo-hoo!), adding definition with mascara on top and bottom lashes is key. Any mascara will get the job done, but we love Julep With a Twist Mascara ($22; ulta
.com), which has an adjustable wand. Use as is for volume or twist the dial, which extends the brush for more precision and length.


Gild Your Lids.

Prep your eyelids with a dab of ­concealer. It will neutralize any discoloration and double as primer, giving shadow something to adhere to (no creasing or fading). Dip a brush into 
a copper shadow, 
like NYX Prismatic Shadow in Liquid Gold ($6;, and apply it to the middle of the lid, sweeping it toward the inner corner 
 of your eye.