When it comes to eye makeup, bronze is the new black. Not only is it easier to pull off during the day, it’s more forgiving and almost impossible to screw up. Also noteworthy: it works on just about every skin tone and eye color (and is especially stunning on those with green eyes). Here, New York City-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes walks us through the basics.

Follow These Steps

  1. Find a shimmery bronze eyeshadow like MAC Eyeshadow Caitlin Jenner in Malibu Bronze ($16; maccosmetics.com) and load it onto a brush. Tap off excess to prevent fall out (you know, those annoying little specks of shadow that fall onto your cheeks).
  2. Starting at the lash line, brush the shadow onto your lids, working up into your crease. For a casual look, dust on a light wash of color. Add more drama by layering on more pigment. Don’t worry about getting the application or shape just right—the blending technique in step 4 will essentially erase any mistakes.
  3. Using the same brush, trace the shadow along your lower lash lines. (If you get too heavy handed, use a cotton swab to remove some shadow.)
  4. Grab a clean shadow brush to blend the edges for a softer, more lived-in look. Work in a windshield wiper motion in your crease (this will blend where the shadow starts and stops).
  5. Curl your lashes to open the eye area. Gently clamp the curler, hold a few seconds, then release and repeat.
  6. Apply mascara by wiggling the bristles back and forth at the base of your lashes to create volume. Repeat the same technique on your lower lashes.
  7. Complement shimmery bronze eyes with a pinky nude lipstick like Face Stockholm Matte Lipstick in Sahara ($22; facestockholm.com). Swipe it on straight from the tube then blot with your fingers. Voila!

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