I got 99 problems, but my mascara isn't one.

By Hana Hong
Updated February 11, 2020
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We all have different requirements when it comes to shopping for mascara. Whether we're looking for something subtle and natural, thick and volumizing, or long and feathery à la Twiggy, there’s one thing we can all agree on: we need a mascara sans smudges and unsightly black flakes.

That’s why we rounded up a list of long-lasting, waterproof mascaras so good they’ll withstand just about anything. Whether you're headed to a sweaty Pilates session, got caught in an unpredicted downpour, or just need to get a good cry on, a couple coats of these winning formulas will ensure that your lashes stay perfectly curled and coated through it all. Just one thing: you might want to invest in a super high-quality makeup remover to get it all off.

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Get ready for luscious lashes that even your favorite animated deer would be jealous of. L’Oreal’s newest mascara is aptly named—a few strokes of the wide wand will leave your eyes looking bigger, brighter, and doe-eyed.

To buy: $11, ulta.com

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You’ll love everything about this mascara, from the substantial wand size to the thickening formula inside the tube. Most importantly, this stuff literally doesn't budge. Seriously, I had it on during an entire tearjerker movie marathon and my mascara was completely intact at the end of it.

To buy: $25, sephora.com

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In addition to delivering lengthened yet understated eyelashes, this mascara offers some serious lash benefits. It’s infused with Moroccan argan oil and pro-vitamin B5 to condition lashes and leave them looking fuller over time.

To buy: $29, sephora.com

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Covergirl’s LashBlast has become a cult favorite for good reason. Its highly pigmented formula curls, lengthens, and gives volume in just one coat. The end result doesn’t look like you have mascara on...it just looks like you have good lashes.

To buy: $10, ulta.com

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We can get behind a no-lash-left-behind movement: Maybelline’s uniquely curved wand is meant to grab and coat even the tiniest of hairs (including those impossible-to-reach ones in the corner), all while ensuring there will be zero clumping. Pro tip: wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes to ensure everything gets coated as you move your way up.

To buy: $8, ulta.com

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