This is the ultimate hack to getting perfect lashes, whether you're a pro at applying mascara or just learning how to get it right.

By Claudia Fisher
Updated April 19, 2018
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Emilija Manevska/Getty Images

I strive to get the longest lashes possible when applying mascara, so I'll scour the internet for the top-rated, best-selling mascaras, emulate pro-tips on brush technique, and read up on new technologies (although, I do think applying mascara on the NYC subway is just as effective and less costly than a vibrating brush...).

Because of the long-lash chase, I end up with dots or smears of black under my eyebrows and all over my lids a lot, which can be even more frustrating if I've already put on other eye makeup or am using waterproof mascara. Now I have to do a whole make-up removing dance to clean it up and I'm late for work.

When I came across this little gadget on Amazon, I was a tad skeptical because, to be honest, it's just kind of funny looking. It's called a mascara guard, and it looks like something you'd see an athlete wearing for eye protection rather than something you'd use as an effective makeup tool.

The way it works is by creating a barrier between your eyelashes and your skin, blocking your mascara from getting on parts of your face other than where it's intended. There are two separate edges designated for your top lashes and bottom lashes lined with little teeth to help you coat each individual lash. The mascara guard I found also has eyelash combs on the opposite end from the guard so you can quickly brush out any clumps or through stuck-together lashes.

So, even if you look a little silly holding a plastic shoe-horn-like gadget up to your eyes, you'll definitely look a lot less silly than showing up to work with faded black smudges all over your eyes and cheeks. Oh also, it's only $1.79 on Amazon.