You can try before making a commitment.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated January 15, 2018
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Benefit Brow Try On
Credit: Benefit

In the age of Instagram filters where you can instantly transform your face into a dog, princess, etc. with a simple swipe, it was only a matter of time before the technology started popping up in other industries and platforms. Makeup brand Benefit has taken that same idea and created an augmented reality experience so that you can virtually try on different brows through your phone or computer screen. Known for their brow bars (there's over 2500 around the globe), Benefit wanted to give their customers a way to try on different brow styles before making the permanent commitment of a wax or tint.

To make sure the experience was as realistic as possible, they partnered with augmented reality experts, ModiFace, to create the technology. "The key breakthrough is that it only allows brows to be manipulated to a degree that is realistically achievable for each user's actual brow," reads the press release. Meaning that it uses your face to customize each brow just for you so that it's actually doable in real life. "To date, eyebrow hair has been one of the toughest facial components to render in augmented reality," explains Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace. "Our technology is more believable because for the first time ever, we're utilizing the consumer's own real hair."

There are 15 styles to choose from, and each one goes right over your existing brows to blend right in without a trace. And don't forget to toggle between the other options at the bottom. Choose between six shades, sliding the bar from left to right to make them lighter or darker. Then adjust the intensity of your arch, the thickness, definition, and even placement, before landing on your perfect brow.

Follow these steps to try it out on yourself:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your experience: 3D LIVE, upload your own selfie or pick a model image
  3. Pick a brow style to try on
  4. Customize it by adjusting shade, arch, thickness, definition, and placement
  5. Select “Get the Brow” to see how the products are used
  6. Buy the products or book your brow service

We tried it for ourselves at Real Simple HQ and were surprisingly shocked at just how real the brows looked! Whether you decide you want to go with one of the styles or not, it's simply just fun to play around with—try it at your next girls' night. And my favorite part is that it doesn't require downloading a new app. Because who has the space for that?